For questions about the workstation requirements. Send an email to or call (305) 709-4222


A laptop or desktop is required to work from home. Click below to find great deals on bundle packages. A 17" monitor or larger is recommended. All laptops must be hardwired using an Ethernet cord and must meet the minimum platform standards. Download the System and Equipment Policy to compare your computer specs.

Wireless computers are prohibited on the Arise Platform. 

Noise Canceling Headset

All agents will need a VoIP Headset to work at home.

Landline Phone Service

Some clients may require only VoIP headsets while others may require a landline phone service . The phone services listed below are compatible with Arise:

  1. POTS (plain old Telephone service)

  2. Cable Telephony

  3. Digital service or

  4. Business-class VoIP

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Call Center Phone With Headsets and Dialpad.

A call center phone with a headset and dial-pad is used for clients that require a landline phone service.  

Dual Monitors

Dual Monitors are required.17” -19” LCD monitors in non-widescreen or 19”- 20” in widescreen format.

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