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Registration Steps

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What does MJ Staffing Solutions do?

We hire remote call center agents to provide phone support to large brands.


What type of calls will I take?

Our remote positions include customer service, technical support, sales, data entry, billing, and tier 2.

Why do I need to create a profile with Arise Virtual Solutions 
MJ Staffing Solutions and Arise have formed a Call Center and Technology-based partnership to provide remote call center services for agents and Fortune 500 clients alike. 

Get Started

I am new to the Arise Platform

  1. Go to > select register now in the top right corner.

  2. Start your profile.

  3. Enter referral code 1279939

  4. Finish creating your account.

  5. Validate your account with a code to your phone.

  6. Close the pop-up window > select Finish Registering.

  7. Go to the next screen (do not enter your SS yet) > select the second option on the right that says Join a Service Partner. (Green Tab)

  8. Enter your Social Security number

  9. On the next screen, > enter the Service Partner ID 78732

  10. Click search > MJ Staffing Solutions, LLC will populate > submit a request.

  11. Wait for a response.



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Purchase affordable computers and workstation equipment.

I Have an Existing Profile With Arise

***Please do not create a duplicate profile. 


Log in to the Arise Portal at



Once you can access your Arise account, select one of the options below and follow the steps to register with MJ Staffing Solutions.

If you cannot log in, follow the steps at the bottom of this page.


When you log into Arise, you see the name of a call center at the top of your Arise dashboard. 

This means you had previously registered with a call center. You must submit a release request to your existing IBO. You can locate the IBO's Information by clicking profile>information. Once released from the call center, enter Service Partner ID 78732 to register with us.


When you log into Arise, your name appears at the top of your Arise dashboard. 

This means you had previously selected Sole Proprietor. You will need to cancel your Master Agreement. Go to portal>documents>master agreement>terminate. Wait 12 hours, then enter our Service Partner ID 78732 to submit a request.

When you log into Arise, you are on the registration page.

Select join a call center, then enter Service Partner ID 78732 to submit a request.

Trouble logging in?
Please email the admissions department at to reset your account if you can't log in. Please include the following information in your email.

  • Full name

  • Address on file

  • The phone number on file

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