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Arise Call-Center Business Services


Call-Center Contract Agreements

There are several contracts that you as a business owner will need to execute which will define the business-to-business relationship between your call center and it's agents. Contracts are a must when operating a call-center using the Arise platform.

Our Rocket Lawyer Package includes


  • Master Agreements

  • Certification Course Contracts

  • Independent Contractor's Agreements

  • SOW Termination Contracts

  • Client Equipment Agreements

  • Direct Deposit Forms

  • W9 

IBO Training Master Class

6-Hour IBO Training Master Class. $249 (Unlimited IBO Club Membership)


The class discussion includes:

  • How to register agents with Arise and your call-center

  • Who is Arise?

  • Arise Portal tutorial

  • Setting up hours of operation and contact information

  • Building your staff

  • Workstation Equipment

  • Qualifying new agents

  • Enrollment process

  • What forms to collect from new agents

  • Managing your agents

  • Building resource departments

  • Getting agents through certification.

  • Signing your first SOW

  • Invoice and calculation

  • How to get to Premier Partner status

  • Business development and growth

  • Building learning centers to increase performance levels

  • What forms to collect from new agents

  • Company rules and regulations set-up

  • Contracts

  • General knowledge of independent contractors

  • Website options

IBO Business Website

The IBO Business Website is a great start-up option for a low price of $475


  • Customized HD Images

  • About us

  • Your company's contact information

  • Call-Center Content

  • Arise Content

  • Available job application with the premium package

  • 3-step registration process and instructions.

  • Visitors can complete a profile directly from your website.

  • Instructions on how to join your IBO.

Premium Business Website

A professional customized call-center business website with HD images 

Price $825

Included: ​

  • Company contact info

  • Job application

  • Visitor Webchat 

  • Requirements

  • Arise Content

  • About us 

  • HD Images

  • FAQ

  • Arise News Media 

  • Contact manager

  • Direct sign up to Arise

  • Email marketing capabilities

Platinum Business Website

The Platinum Business website includes everything in the Economy and Premium Package PLUS

$1099 Low price.

  • CSP Portal with member's passwords.

  • Book a consultation 

  • Subscribe button

  • Client wages and pay plans for your call center

  • Ability to create email marketing with HD images

  • Easy Arise enrollment guide for CSP's 

  • CRM integration for effective free marketing

  • 12 months live customer support from 9 am-9 pm Eastern Standard time.

  • Owners user tutorial to edit website

  • IBO Club free 12-month membership

Add an Amazon Store (Workstation Equipment)$99

Complete Call-Center Set-Up Packages

Three-month installment plans are available for the Essentials & Platinum Package

Essentials Setup Package $2200

IBO Training Master Class

Platinum Website

CSP Portal

Email Response Set up

CSP Presentations

Contract Agreements

Workstation Affiliate Store

Social Media Set-Up


Advertising Training Course

The Platinum Setup Package $1699

Platinum Website

Business Contract Agreements

CSP Portal

Email Response Set up

Amazon Affiliate Product Page

Company Logo

CSP Presentations

Social Media Set up

Premium Setup Package $899

IBO Business Website

Business Contract Agreements

CSP Portal

Email Response Set up

Email Template Service

Sign up for GMAIL GSUITE your professional business email

Agent Enrollment & Certification $159 

There are several steps an agent must take before they can start working at home. Purchase our email Template Service and make sure your agent knows exactly what happens next. The email sequence will guide your agents through the Arise registration and certification process. Other templates include; Workstation requirements, background check, when do I get paid, drug test tips, classroom access, taking time off, how to make a schedule, and more.  Also, it’s critical that your agents fully understand the workstation requirements before selecting a client. 

Call Center Client Marketing  $99

Template install for each client. Includes certification class details, specific client equipment, specific client requirements, and client logos. Purchase Client Marketing Templates for quick marketing solutions.

This service includes a free video tutorial with template instructions.

Professional Business Mailbox

Build customer trust by purchasing a professional email address at your domain, like susan@yourcompany and joe@yourcompany. Also create group mailing lists, like sales@yourcompany. 


What's different about the paid version of Gmail?

Paid Gmail features include: custom email (@yourcompany.com), unlimited group email addresses, 99.9% guaranteed uptime, twice the storage of personal Gmail, zero ads, 24/7 support, G Suite Sync for Microsoft Outlook, and more.

Purchase Here



Quick Start Package

Start hiring faster! Save with Bundles

IBO Quick Start Package $499

CSP Portal

Business Contract Agreements

Email Template Service

CSP Presentations

It's a good idea to host weekly or monthly information sessions to help new CSPs register and learn more about Arise and your call-center. If you're not sure what to talk about, allow us to create your company's personalized information session presentation. All you have to do is read the information during your information session and use Google Meet to share your screen. (You can request instructions on how to do this).

CSP presentations can also be used as a pdf file so you can email it to prospective CSPs. We will also include "Prepare For a Successful Certification" and "Selecting The Right Client" presentations with your order. $59.99

No contracts required pay as you go.

All members will be invited to join our IBO Club Community by downloading our mobile app.


  • Access to our IBO Learning Dashboard

  • Access to our IBO Community

  • Learning Tutorials

  • Arise Portal Assistance 

  • Payroll Calculation Assistance

(12-Months Membership Package included with IBO Training Registration)

Our IBO Membership allows you to ask questions, 24/7 coaching, get answers, opinions, and share stories with other call center owners using the Arise Network and give you the confidence you'll need while growing and developing your new home-based call center. Subscribe Here

CSP Portal

Focus on marketing, development, and growth while your CSP Portal takes care of your call center's Q&A. The CSP portal is installed to your existing website or stand-alone. The CSP Portal is not available to the general public. CSPs will need a passcode for access. $199

  • Voice assessment instruction video

  • Language assessment videos

  • Starmatic learning video

  • Performance facilitator videos

  • SOW requirements video

  • Accessing and using chatrooms videos

  • Affidavit instructions

  • Your customized client wages and pay plans

  • Support help step by step instructions

  • FAQ's

  • How to enroll

  • How to access pre-work

  • Requirements

  • How to use the Swap Feature.

  • Ability to easily add more features at any time

  • Average handle time tips

  • After Call Work tips

  • ASD 

  • Technical Support Help

  • Star Program 


Social Media Set-Up

Social Media Platform Set up

Whether you don’t have time to set up your social media platforms or you simply don’t have the know-how, we can help! We will set up your social media platforms and we also offer social media management and marketing.

Social media set-up package. $150


  • HD Images and cover photo for each platform

  • Call center advertising content for each platform

  • Social Media Google search display

  • Business Facebook Page

  • Twitter

  • LinkedIn

Social Media Marketing

No contracts pay as you go. $99 per month No subscription. 

Do you work a full-time job or just simply don't have the time and need help getting your business get off the ground? Hire our marketing team to handle your social media accounts to help increase job applications and grow your business.


We'll advertise the available clients on the Arise portal using NDA guidelines

Includes HD image effective marketing ads

Job postings on all social media platforms.

Business Branding (we’ll get your name out there)

Increase your number of applications. 


Enter the number of periods (months) you would like to use our service. Pay as you go


Advertising Training Class

What will you learn?    $199

Uncover unique techniques and strategies to develop a professional online presence and maximize your income.

Download pdf for more information

Schedule your class now


Amazon Store

Add an Amazon affiliate store to your website and start earning revenue by promoting computers, desk, headsets, phones and more. After completing your payment, one of our team members will contact you to set up your new Amazon Affiliate Profile and product page. If you don't have a site we can build a stand-alone site to sell your products.$150



Customized Business Logo

Customized Business Logo $59

Website SEO

What is Search Engine Optimization? (SEO) $99

SEO is how websites get found on Google. We will optimize your website with relevant SEO keywords to help Google forward traffic to you. When SEO's are properly done you will have higher rankings on Google and your site will be pushed up further in the search results when people are searching for a call center to work from home.

SEO is a marketing discipline focused on growing visibility in organic (non-paid) search engine results. SEO encompasses both the technical and creative elements required to improve rankings, drive traffic, and increase awareness in search engines. There are many aspects to SEO, from the words on your page to the way other sites link to you on the web. Sometimes SEO is simply a matter of making sure your site is structured in a way that search engines understand.

24/7 Answering Service Business

Learn how to set up a 24/7 answering service business using cloud-based call-center software.

$475 Click here to register

What to Expect:

  • Virtual Staffing 101

  • Using a time tracking software

  • Cloud-based contact center software training

  • Learn how to qualify agents with a pre-hire testing software

  • Creating client invoices

  • Creating proposals to gain clients

  • Agent & Client matching

  • Hiring outside sales representatives to help grow your business.

  • 90-days business coaching

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Please leave the following information on the payment screen when placing your order

  • The Business Service You're Purchasing
  • Your Company's Name
  • Company's Phone Number
  • Company's Business Email
  • Address (for website purchase domain registration)
  • CSP ID & IB ID  (website purchase) Ask Ava on the Arise Portal "What is my IB ID"
  • Business FaceBook URL (website purchase)

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