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Register With Our Call Center

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1. After you've registered, you must log into the Arise portal at and click the second option “Join an Arise Affiliated Corporation”. 


2. You will need to enter IB ID 78732 and click on the “magnifying glass” icon. M.J. Staffing Solutions LLC will populate in the Name of  Corporation field. Confirm this is the business you will be joining.  



3. In the "Agreement" section, next to the view and sign arrow(s), click "view".


4. The Client Support Professional must read the waiver and, if acceptable, click on “I Accept”. (The waiver will need to be printed before clicking the “I Accept” button.)


5. Then, the Client Support Professional should click “Next” – and should see an “In Process” next to the “Join an Independent Business in the Arise Network”. This “In Process” notice will appear until the Independent Business Owner acknowledges the request. 


6. Send us an email asking us to accept your request, wait for us to finalize the forms and you will be on your way to joining our network of work-from-home agents!



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